When Twitter bought Posterous in the spring of last year, it was widely understood to be an “aquihire,” a way for Twitter to absorb the Posterous team. In February of this year, Posterous announced it would be shutting down all blogs after ten weeks.

That day is here.

Source: The Verge

It’s only fitting that the first post on my personal blog that isn’t hosted on a blogging platform called “Posterous” be about, well, Posterous.

Posterous to me was more than just a blogging platform. It was where I was chosen to be one of 30 college students in the country to champion mobile blogging.

It was where I got the opportunity to work with an incredible team and interact with an awesome community of users.

It was what ultimately led me to my current dream job.

So, with that, thanks to the Posterous community and if we’ve ever crossed paths with me at Posterous, feel free to follow me here or follow me at @brownday